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Marcus Castenfors portrait in black and whiteline pattern

"Marcus is an experienced and effective product coach. If you are trying to move to strong, empowered product teams, capable of true technology-powered innovation, he has the skills and knowledge to help you get there."

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Marty Cagan
Silicon Valley Product Group


Transformation coaching

Tailored strategies for startups, scale-ups, and established businesses. Transition to the Product model.

Product Leadership Coaching

Helping product leaders develop skills in coaching, product vision, product strategy, and team topology.

Discovery Coaching

Hands-on guidance for teams to uncover and develop the right product.
"Marcus has been an invaluable Product coach for both Fundler and Bokadirekt, brilliantly shaping our product vision and strategy with remarkable results. His skillful facilitation of Design Sprints and coaching nurtured a vibrant and innovative environment for our teams. Marcus has accelerated our decision-making and created a space where ideas and innovation flow, imprinting a lasting, positive impact on Bokadirekt and Fundler."
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Jessica Bråne
Head of Consumer
"Marcus is an extremely skilled Product discovery coach. He has taken us towards an aligned autonomy by bridging the gap between the teams and the overall goals and by trying out a common rhythm. The teams are now collaborating towards the goals even better. He has created participation and commitment throughout the journey. I thoroughly recommend Marcus for any positions in this field."
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Johanna Olander
"Marcus joined the product team at Kambi at a time where we were working hard to instill a user centered mindset and way-of-working in the product development organization. Marcus assumed the role as interim Head of Design and led a team of five product designers and three researchers in their daily activities while, in parallel, implementing Product Discovery frameworks and building skill sets."
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Mattias Eriksson
Former CPO at Kambi
"I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Marcus in various contexts, and his expertise in developing innovative working methods is extensive. Marcus possesses exceptional skills in identifying challenges, transforming them into constructive avenues for improvement, and discovering new paths forward. Marcus is truly outstanding, and I offer my highest recommendation for anyone considering working with him."
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Mattias Oldenburg
CTO Euroflorist
A mockup view of the Holistic Product discovery book

A no-nonsense guide to creating effective products and services

"Product discovery -- figuring out what customers want and value -- is hard. "Holistic Product Discovery" is a straightforward guide on how to avoid common traps as you build products. The book provides clear frameworks, examples, and case studies that will help you to build products that delight customers. If you want to level up your Product Discovery approach, this is the book for you."
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Gibson Biddle
Former VP Product, Netflix


Case studies


Is gut feeling inherently bad?

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Gut feeling. The sensation you get when you have a hunch. You know what to do.Is that hunch good or bad? Should you push it to the side or should you embrace it?
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The Prioritization Problem

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It was tense. A long list had been shared. Big features to build, new markets to launch. You could feel the built-up tension in the room.
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The Discovery Illness

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When helping teams and companies shift towards the product model, one of the key concepts introduced is practicing product discovery.
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Stubborn on vision and flexible on details: how to facilitate a Product Vision Sprint

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Where are we going? What’s the future going to look like for our product? Let’s pause here. There is a sad truth. Most companies don’t answer these questions in a meaningful way.
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Holistic Product Discovery | Marcus Castenfors & Martin Christensen (Crisp & Agile UX)

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In this episode, Axel chats with fellow product coaches Martin Christensen and Marcus Castenfors, co-authors of Holistic Product Discovery, a book that provides a structured framework for product discovery.
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Lös rätt problem #97

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Många har förstått värdet av att arbeta Agilt men hur är vi säkra på att vi löser ”rätt” problem? Denna vecka gästas jag av Martin Christensen och Marcus Castenfors, Agila coacher.
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